CyberForce Competition® 2022

The annual CyberForce Competition will be held as a hybrid competition this year on November 4-5, 2022. Registration will open in early July and September 30. Graduate this year? There are always opportunities to volunteer for the competition. 

Hybrid, Why?

There will be two options within the application process. Your team will select the preference of virtual or in-person (this goes for volunteers as well). The goal of the competition is workforce development. We want to be able to work to accommodate as many teams as possible while building the connections across the nation and filling those ever growing cybersecurity positions. How often can you say you met in-person with someone from across the United States that you have battled against or spoke with in Slack or Discord before in this competition?

In-Person Location

There will be one central location for the CyberForce Competition in 2022, meaning there will be more teams co-located. This location will be in a conference space located in the Chicagoland area. More information on the exact address and local hotels, etc. will be sent once the application process opens.


Teams will participate remotely wherever they have much like they have in 2021 and/or 2020. No space or accommodations will be provided by the local national laboratories. Virtual and in-person teams will still be competing against one another.