This is an initial draft of guidelines and may be changed at the discretion of competition organizers.

These guidelines create an even playing field for this competition amongst all competitors. This ensures that each student participates under the same circumstances and receives an opportunity to succeed. Failure to comply with the guidelines of the competition may lead to penalization of points or disqualification based on the offense. Egregious offenses may result in ejection from the competition. If you see a breach of competition guidelines, please feel free to reach out to competition staff via email if you would like to remain anonymous. Additionally, if it is illegal in nature then it is also against the competition guidelines.


  • You are to participate as a single individual.
  • Students must work within the competition provided Azure space.
  • Students are required to have the following services active at all times, unless noted:
    • HTTP
    • SSH
    • FTP
    • DNS
    • NTP
    • SMTP
    • POP3
    • Modbus
  • Security documentation and CISO Panel videos ares due into the sCOARboard no later than Friday, November 6, 2020 at 11:59pm PT. Early submission is encouraged, as teams will receive feedback. Any submission after this time will receive 0 points.

Updates to Guidelines

  • Any update to guidelines and rules can be found here or in the Slack channel. There will be periodic emails containing updated and pertinent information to the competition. It is each participant’s responsibility to look for any updates or changes.