What is under the CyberForce® Program?

CyberForce Competition®

The CyberForce Competition is the original competition that started the program back in 2016. This is a defend/attack cyber-physical scenario.

Conquer the Hill® Series

The Conquer the Hill competition series provides smaller individual based competitions that narrow in on specific skills for participants.

Career Fairs

The CyberForce Program will be hosting Career Fairs for the participants of its collective programs throughout the calendar year.

Webinar Series

The Webinar Series was also added in 2021 to expand on our industry and academia partner engagement. These webinars will highlight upcoming news within the program as well as key topics of interest within cybersecurity.

Workforce Portal

The Workforce Portal will be the CyberForce Program's main hub for all things program related. Participants will have a chance to better understand their skills, engage in regular communication, check job boards, and be the first to hear about upcoming events and trainings.

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