Adventure, Reign, and Command are the three competitions within this series that will test students’ knowledge and skills within particular cybersecurity areas under the NIST NICE Framework. All student skill levels are welcome. There is something for the novice through advanced participant. All eligibility requirements must be met. 

Adventure is a jeopardy style challenge that will feature easy, medium, and hard questions that participants will have the opportunity to answer at their own pace over the course of the competition day. 

Reign is a time-critical cyber competition where participants will have to use their wits and knowledge to progress through several escape rooms of increasing difficulty over the course of the competition day.

Command is a task-based competition that will put your technical skills to the test. There will be two difficulty levels for Command: Difficulty 1 (Beginner) and Difficulty 2 (Advanced). Command will provide participants hands-on experience performing real-world tasks for an IT administrator and security professional position.