Reign Edition is a cybersecurity competition like no other, as this year’s competition transpires within a 2D dungeon crawler platformer game. You will hack through server rooms, interact with AI robots, decrypt secret messages, and navigate your way throughout the laboratory to fulfill your quest. However, not everything is as it seems, and you must use your wits and cunning to progress through rooms of increasing difficulty to ultimately unravel the truth. Participants should expect to be tested on their knowledge of cybersecurity, computer science, mathematics, cryptography, and critical thinking skills in general.

Key Dates

“Hello, Agent! This is a transmission from The Bureau, a clandestine organization working from the shadows to safeguard civilization from the most dangerous actors in the modern world. Our intelligence sources have identified an imminent threat hidden deep within a secret laboratory, a technological device so potent and destructive it imperils the fate of our entire society. As our finest cyber specialist, you have been tasked to infiltrate this laboratory and destroy all traces of the device. The security and future of the world depends on your success – good luck, Agent.”