What is the CyberForce® Program?

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) CyberForce® Program is a workforce development program that seeks to inspire and develop the next generation of cyber defenders for the energy sector through hands-on competitions, webinars, learning resources, and career fairs. It strives to raise awareness of the nexus between critical infrastructure and cybersecurity through competitions that:

  • Make critical thinking and soft skills key components,
  • Focus on both OT and IT cyber skills,
  • Value both individual and team balanced work,
  • Emulate real-world energy scenarios, and
  • Build self-confidence and enhance cyber skills.

How to Participate

The CyberForce Program offers collegiate students, professors, individuals, and organizations various opportunities to participate. 

Collegiate Students enrolled in degree-seeking programs at U.S. colleges and universities

  • Participate or promote participation in competitions throughout the year.
    • In-person and virtual opportunities available.
  • Join in one or more of our career fairs to meet and network with various hiring organizations.
  • Attend publicly available webinars to learn about the program and other topics.


  • Mentor collegiate students and teams participating in CyberForce competitions.
  • Attend publicly available webinars to learn about the program and other topics. 

Industry Organizations

  • Host a booth at one or more of our career fairs to meet and share information about your company or organization with eager job seekers.
  • Speak about your role on a webinar to spark interest.
  • Volunteer in our competitions.
    • Both technical and non-technical roles available.

2023 CyberForce Highlights

In 2023, the CyberForce Program supported over 1,600 participants throughout the calendar year from 162 unique academic institutions in 43 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. It hosted 3 competitions (two virtual and one in-person); 2 virtual career fairs (one collegiate and the other professional); and four insightful webinars. The CyberForce Program can help connect you with learning opportunities and bright talent.

CyberForce Program Offerings

CyberForce Competition®

The annual CyberForce Competition engages collegiate teams (4-6 students per team) in simulated energy cyber-focused scenarios centered on securing their operational technology.

Conquer the Hill™ Competition Series

The Conquer the Hill series consists of three virtual, individual-based competitions (Adventure, Command, and Reign) that test students’ knowledge and skills in particular cybersecurity areas under the National Institute for Standards and Technology National Initiative for Cyber Education (NIST NICE) Framework.

Career Fairs

The CyberForce Program hosts two virtual career fairs and one in-person networking opportunity. One of the career fairs is for collegiate student participants, the other is for professionals. We welcome industry and government agencies to have a booth where they can speak about their organization and opportunities available.


The CyberForce Program hosts quarterly webinars that are focused on cyber and energy-related topics that provide information to the public about the program.