When is the CyberForce Competition®?

Friday, November 3, 2023 and Saturday, November 4, 2023.

When can I apply?

Student team registration is typically open end of July through the end of September. Volunteer registration is typically open end of July through mid October.

How many teams are participating this year?

Each year the amount of participating teams changes. This year we anticipate to host over 100 teams

When it’s in person, do I get to select the lab I get to go to?

For this year’s 2023 competition the only in person location will be in the Chicagoland area.


Can my school apply with multiple teams?

Yes, but due to limited space not all teams may be accepted.

What do I need in order to field a team?

Teams must meet the following requirements:

  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age to participate.
  • Participants must be attending an accredited U.S. higher education institution.
  • Participants must be degree seeking: associates, undergraduate, graduate, and PhD.
  • Participants must be actively attending the institution they wish to represent.
  • Participants must be on a team of 4-6 individuals.
  • Once the competition has begun, a participant must complete the competition.
Do I really need a minimum of 4 team members?


Is the maximum number of team members 6 people?


Can my team be hybrid (some in-person and some virtual)?

No, all team members must be in-person.

Are mentors required for this competition?

No, mentors are not required but are suggested.

Does my team need to all be at the same school?

Yes, all students must be currently attending the same institution together.

Can I switch out team members?

Yes, until a particular date. The owner of the registration will be able to switch members until the lock date.

When are competition times?

Friday, Nov. 3, 2023 is set aside for an 8 hour of team setup. This year, Friday will be used to check in with Red Teams. Saturday, Nov. 4, 2023 is 8 hours of competition time.

When do we get access to the infrastructure?

Approximately 2 weeks prior to the competition, teams will get access to their infrastructure, rules and expectations documents, and Discord.


What volunteer opportunities are there?

There are four volunteer opportunities: Red Team, Green Team, Security Documentation Scoring Assistant, and being apart of the C-Suite Panel.

How long is my volunteer commitment?

Red Team volunteer commitment time will vary based on interest level. Green Team volunteer commitment time is split into two slots that are 4 hours each. Scoring Assistant during these virtual times is a handful of hours the week prior to the competition.

I’m non-technical. What volunteer opportunities are there for me?

If you are non-technical, you may participate on Green Team, C-Suite or be a Security Documentation Scoring Assistant.

I am technical. What volunteer opportunities are there for me?

If you have a technical background, you may volunteer for any opportunity.

I’m a mentor or professor at a university. Am I allowed to volunteer?

Yes, you are allowed to volunteer for Green Team, C-Suite or be a Security Documentation Scoring Assistant.

Is there an age requirement to volunteer?

Please reach out to