Puzzle 2 Answer: Click here: Decrypting Patronizare to view the documentation on how to solve Puzzle 2 – Patronizare.

Puzzle 2 Winners: Congratulations to the following participants who successfully solved Puzzle 2 – Patronizare:

  • Cyber Security JRC team at Lewis University Cody Cosentino (left), Joey Casalino (middle), Ryan Meeker (right), and Brian White (sign – not present) (Submitted: 12/8/2016 5:08 PM)
  • Roland Varriale (Submitted: 12/9/2016 3:18 PM)
  • Michael Jaynes (Submitted: 12/11/2016 5:02 PM)
  • Tyler Shields (Submitted: Tue 12/13/2016 2:10 PM)

Puzzle Hint #1:

Decrypt the Hex to discover the advice, but you’ll need the key, if you want to be precise.

To unlock the key, to get to the advice, using any old cipher, will not suffice.

The cipher you need to decrypt this string, uses the alphabet backwards…

Now go solve this thing!

One last thing before you go, when using the password, you should know,

That copy/pasting will not render correctly, you’ll have the best luck, typing it in directly.

Case and special characters matter, so be precise, and heed the latter…

You don’t want to end up like the poor Mad Hatter. (:


Puzzle Hint #2:

If you’ve unlocked the advice, you must’ve been precise!

Kudos to you, on solving the first part of Puzzle 2.

You’ll notice the PDF contains unusual symbols, Lewis Carroll created these so he could be quite nimble.

Once you have decoded the symboled message, it should allude to some presage.

To find where to go next, you will have to closely inspect,

The caterpillar image on the right, the next part is hidden in plain sight.


If you think you have the correct solution, email CyberForceCompetition@anl.gov, and the puzzlemaster will let you know if you have successfully completed your mission.


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