Solution: Click here: Decrypting Meditullium to view the documentation on how to solve Puzzle 3 – Meditullium.

Puzzle 3 Winners: Congratulations to the following participants who successfully solved Puzzle 3 – Meditullium:

  • Roland Varriale
    (Submitted: Tue 1/3/2017 10:11 AM)
  • Luke Ellert-Beck(@L_E_B) of Cornell University, in partnership with
    Charles Johnson (@chase__johnson3)
    from University of Iowa
    (Submitted: Thu 1/5/2017 8:46 PM)
  • Kiran Bhadury of UC Davis
    (Submitted: Fri 1/6/2017 11:45 AM)
  • Carlos Albertho Benavides Gallego of National University of Colombia
    (Submitted: Sun 1/8/2017 4:58 PM)
  • Cody Cosentino (left), Joey Casalino (middle), Ryan Meeker (right), Brian White (not pictured), Dan Szuba (not pictured), and Bryon Nush (not pictured) of Lewis University
    (Submitted:Thu 1/12/2017 5:32 PM)
  • F-Block Tech Integration of Wakefield Memorial High School: Mrs. Doren, John Murray, Jocelyn Murray (Front), Zach Covelle (Back), Mark Chiodi, Niko Mello, and Jay Milliken (@whsconnect)
    (Submitted: Sat 1/14/2017 12:42 PM)
  • Andy Huttenga
    (Submitted: Fri 1/20/2017 8:28 PM)
  • Nathan Harmer and Brian Vertullo of Dakota State University
    (Submitted: Fri 1/27/2017 9:51 AM)


Hint 1: If you’re stuck on the “Adventure of the Dancing Men” cipher, look to Sherlock Holmes for the key and you should be able to correctly decipher.

The next part of the puzzle uses Rail Fence. Decrypt that successfully and knowing where to go next will be common sense.

Hint 2: The key to the Queen’s Letter is in the Passage.pdf in burgundy, this hint should alleviate any uncertainty.

If you are stuck on the audio, make sure you decrypt the description section. It would also be prudent to use some audile reflection.

Below lies puzzle 3 – Who will claim this victory?
Good luck on Meditullium, and be ready to decipher whatever may come.

If you think you have the correct solution, email, and the Puzzlemaster will let you know if you have successfully completed your mission.

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